Creative Writers

Bloggers Contest

99 +

Prizes Of worth $20,000

Contest Duration : 1st August - 2020 to 30th November - 2020

Quick Overview

Goldario Bloggers/Creative Writers Contest Designed to create awareness among people about what is Digital Shares and why this is most epic and valuable to the Crypto Industry modernized with a more effective way using blockchain network.

Why this is a better opportunity then Bitcoin? As Bitcoin was the start of Digital currencies and Goldario is going to revolutionize the new concept of Digital Shares.

Who missed the bitcoin waves, They got another chance in the shape of Goldario Digital Shares.

  • We evaluate each candidate who takes part in this contest to share this knowledge and awareness to worldwide crypto lovers which is increasing day by day. As millions of people get engaged and participate in different Crypto Based ICO projects. .

  • Goldario is Looking for creative writers/Bloggers to study about Goldario Digital Shares and write about it.

  • We are willing to distribute contest prizes to maximum candidates, around 99 winners. As per the quality of creative content copies + bloggers on the basis of engagement.

  • This can help you to increase more audience/readers to read your content and reach your blog/network at the platform you publish your content. We publish all copies on our contest entries page, where all of our Goldario members and visitors including social channels get engaged to like and comment as well in order to help you for qualifying.


Read our article to understand the whole concept behind Goldario project.

The story behind Goldario and what Digital Share is?

Interview with CEO “Questions/Answers”

Read before starting to Write your own copy and get published. Full Story.

Need To Be Covered In Your Article

  • Intro About Goldario Project

  • ICO and Road Map.

  • Why Goldario is One of the Best ICO and Importance in the Crypto Industry.

  • Goldario Backed by real assets and Groups of Companies also extending.

  • Block processors and what is the reason to buy token block processors.

  • Add Questions/answers in Quotes”” in your blog sections related to each section in your story, and have best match accordingly.

  • How Goldario modernized the crypto industry and made changes in the Blockchain revolution.

Prize Distribution and Qualification Terms

“$20,000” will be distributed to “99 winners”

Position: 1 Prize "$5000" ( $2500 Instant Cash + 2500 GLD Tokens )

Position: 1 Prize "$2000" ( $1000 Instant Cash + 1000 GLD Tokens )

Position: 2 Prize "$500" ( $250 Instant Cash + 250 GLD Tokens )

Position: 5 Prizes "$400" ( $200 Instant Cash + 200 GLD Tokens)

Position: 10 Prizes "$200" ( $100 Instant Cash + 100 GLD Tokens)

Position: 80 Prizes "$100" ( $50 Instant Cash + 50 GLD Tokens)

Terms & Condition

  1. Each participant has his own creative written content, we don’t accept copied content or sourced publications from any third party already published. As already published content on many top rated crypto and business news sites.
  2. Each unique creative content copy should be published on any high PR blog or websites, There is no limite of Submission of your Creative Writings, But yes only one participant only submit one Content Copy on each blog/Website. Multiple entries on a single website or blog will not be accepted by the same participant.
  3. You are required to submit your published link to participate now page
  4. As soon as your Creative Content is published and a link submitted to the contest, we list your submission to our participants page and our audience will be engaged with your content.
  5. If your published content is deleted from the blog or websites where you published, your entry will be deleted and required to submit a new entry again.
  6. The final date of the Contest is 10th August, 2020, If there is any reason to extend the last date of the contest. Will be notified via email or social channels.
  7. There is required to have at least 1 image included in each publication.
  8. Each participant have a choice to promote his own referral link, if he already has an active account with Goldario. Maximize your earnings with a 10% referral commission on each sale.